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"The Three Stages in the SSC Exam"
Tier I:

The first paper known as Tier I will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from General Intelligence and Reasoning to English Comprehension. This first step needs to be well-prepared for, if you want to go further in your quest for a government job. This 2 hour paper is held in one session and you are marked on a total of 200 marks.
Tier II:

Tier II of the SSC examination is subjective in nature and held over a period of two days. There are a total of three papers, though you might just have to sit for two depending on the post you are applying for. At this stage, the candidates are tested on their in-depth knowledge of Arithmetic and English Language.

The Personality Test and/or Interview are the last step in the entire process. However, it doesn’t mean that you can relax. The interviewers will be looking for candidates who are sharp and can answer questions directly and in the right manner. The maturity of an individual is brought to the forefront at such interviews.”

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